Environment and sustainability


The company and the staff are committed to a sustainable us of all resources. Of course we pay attention to healthy and safe working conditions, also beyond the legal standards.

We provide free hearing protection, production and management are working as energy-efficient as possible and useful.
Measures are the use of LED lighting technology, also in deep-freeze warehouses, heat recovery and intelligent heating and ventilation control.

Only FSC-certified paper is used in the administration and all mail is CO2-neutral (GoGreen partner of Deutsche Post) or sent by e-mail.

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and we strive to minimise pollution. Concrete examples are the optimization of order quantities and the cooperation with regional suppliers at the sites. On Palm we have been dispensing with our products since 2009. 

In the establishments we have rebuilt the lighting to LEDs, improved insulation and increased the amount of green electricity to 50 percent. Our packaging consists largely of recycling material and is optimized for volume. In addition, we only send full pallets to our customers and avoid empty runs of our trucks. Our mail delivery and the production of our printed products are also climate-neutral since 2007. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and we strive to continuously improve the quality of our environment and to curb pollution. These measures alone saved about 916 tonnes of resources and an additional 155 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.

In our factory, we use "ammonia" (NH3), on of the few refrigerants that is climate-neutral. It neither damages the ozone layer (ODP=0) nor does it contribute to the grreenhouse effect (GWP=0). Ammonia is very energy efficient and economical due to its very good thermodynamic properties.

Comprehensive and in-depth environmental management obliges us to accurately document resource and energy consumption, emissions and waste. On the basis of the figures determined, targets are set and measures are defined as to how the environmentally relevant activities of our company can be improved. A further step towards greater evnironmental responsibility is our ceritification according to the EU Organic-Regulation which we habe since January 2021.