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Until 2015 all departments were located at one location in Osnabrück.
Due to the limited site expansion capabilities the company is divided into two locations since the middle of 2015. The main location is Osnabrück in Niedersachsen. The production and a further warehouse is located in the Hessian Ortenberg-Selters, in the near of Frankfurt a. M.   

Main office / Central warehouse

Wasserwerkstr. 103 49086 Osnabrück


Bleichenbacher Str. 2 63683 Ortenberg-Selters 

  • Hauptsitz und Zentrallager osnabrück

    Hauptsitz und Büro - Headquarters and Mainoffice (Osnabrück)
    Zentrallager  - Central warehouse (Osnabrück)
  • Produktion Ortenberg

    Produktion/Lager - Factory and warehouse (Ortenberg)