Our philosophy

quality is a priority

The target of our activities is to meet the requirements of the guidelines of a good food praxis and to suggest problem solving to our customers just in time. For us, quality means expert advice for customers and consumers. This is a try to to build a special bond with our customers. The direct structure as a medium-sized family business with short ways is helpful to us in every aspect. 

The staff are familiar und grown with the company and the culture of a medium-sized business. Motivated and qualified staff, who act on their own responsibility are the basis for quality awareness.  By incorporating into the continuous improvement process we want to lead employees to a forward-looking way of working. Trainings in all departments, improving working conditions and  accident prevention measures serve us to maintain the working skills of the staff. We are ever helpful to promote the knowledge of our staff.  

The company and the work center should be safed through growth in profitability and liquidity aspects. Contemporary a social responsibility inside and outside is perceived. 

In the world of abundance and mass production quality and customer-oriented action are key factors. Wir verbinden unseren Namen und die Entwicklung unserer Produkte mit der Vorstellung von höchster Qualität und anspruchsvollsten Rohstoffen. 

We offer first-class products which give customers pleasure and positive experiences. The guideline of our actions we do is the satisfaction of our customers. 

Of course compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, specifications and guidelines is a matter.

Süd-Eis is certified annually independently according to the IFS broker standard. Since January 2021 we are also Organic certifed!