The company

Know-how since 1974

At the beginning of the 1970s the success story of the brothers Gianfranco and Graziano Piccoli began. With mobile sales cars and ice cream cafés were achieved great successes so that was built a central manufacture as soon as possible. This happened at first in Westfalen-Lippe.

In 1995 the brothers Piccoli have joined together with a company called Roncadin, situated in Osnabrück (today R+R Ice Cream), which was also an Italian family business. In 2006 the brothers went back their own ways and built also a modern manufacture in Osnabrück. Because of the capacity limit in Osnabrück Süd-Eis has taken over the former manufacture Alterwest Eiscrem AG in the middle of 2015.   

Even today the production is combined with a lot of Italian know-how. Not only the lemon juice is imported, also the most aroma substances are imported by medium-sized Italian manufacturers. Even the special containers for ice cream cafés are produced by an Italian specialist. We distribute our ice cream specialities throughout Europe to ice cream parlours, wholesale partners and supermarkets.