Our ice cream for the retail sector

Süd-Eis in food retailing

Süd-Eis is specialist for the out of home market. We offer products for the gastronomy and HORECA. There are som products that could be interesting for retailers. Of course, we can also produce various products according to your specifications in your brand. The suitable products for the retail market you will find below.

Organic Vegan Ice Cream Bourbon Vanilla 6 x 500 ml Cups

Delicious bourbon vanilla ice cream -vegan- based on fermented rice ("rice milk"). Available December 2021!


Ice cream bar Retail 6 pieces each 1000ml in the carton.

Bianca refined vanilla taste


Ice Machines
LEH Pack: 3 bags with 6 pieces in the carton. 

The little ice for meantime. In the bag are 6x 15ml ice lollies and a little suprise.

  • Bio Vegan Eis Bourbon Vanille

    Bio Vegan Eis Bourbon Vanille

  • Eisriegel Bianca

    Eisriegel Bianca

  • Ice Machines

    Ice Machines