5 litre ice cream

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Exclusively for gastronomy, hotels, catering & wholesaler!

Quality and exclusivity guarantee you as a restaurateur the success in competition with the food trade. This way you can offer your guests an incomparable product of exquisite ice cream art. We offer you two different 5 litre assortments with many different flavors. On the one the premium product Käfer ice, on the other our standard quality Sommerland ice cream. You will find some varieties that are unique. Many ice creams are free of gluten. It tastes good!

In the gastronomy the ice is mostly processed in the kitchen and portioned in storage chests. These conditions were considered for simple processing. All varieties have been developed for the portioning of chests. This means an optimized portioning/creamy even at-18 °c! In developing these types of ice creams, we have taken all the experience of over 40 years of work with ice as the basis for the new developments. In our modern ice-cream factory, the gelato is bottled in stable 5-litres with the fulfilment of all qualitative and hygienic aspects. 

In addition to these two assortments, we offer traditional Italian ice cream art under the G + G Gelato brand. This premium range of products can be compared with the best brands in the higher price segment, which are available on the market.

  • Käfer Stracciatella 5 Liter

    Käfer Stracciatella 5 Liter
  • Käfer Tiramisú 5 Liter

    Käfer Tiramisú 5 Liter
  • Sommerland Cookie Chunks

    Sommerland Cookie Chunks
  • Sommerland Erdbeer

    Sommerland Erdbeer
  • Sommerland Nuss

    Sommerland Nuss
  • Sommerland Pistazie

    Sommerland Pistazie
  • Sommerland Dame Blanche Caddy

    Sommerland Dame Blanche Caddy
  • Sommerland Joghurt Erdbeer Caddy

    Sommerland Joghurt Erdbeer Caddy
  • Sommerland Nuss Caddy

    Sommerland Nuss Caddy