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Exquisite indulgence

The creative heads of Feinkost Käfer and Süd-Eis advice, discuss and develop every year in Munich, the headquarter on Prinzregenten street.

Everytime we are trying and checking possible things; that means, we are doing our best to offer the sortiment with the highest quality.

In small quantities the best raw materials for example cream, butter, cocoa or sugar are compiled in handmade in our production in Ortenberg/Hessen. 

For the production of Käfer we have much more time than is usual in larger productions. At least 18 hours our ice cream ripens in special containers cooled around 2-3C°.

In the refrigerated containers, the ice mass is stirred slowly all the time.
In chocolate production this is called "conching" by the chocolate pioneer Rodolphe Lindt in 1879 invented procedures.

Other ingredients such as pureed strawberries, lemon juice or vanilla extracts are also added to the refrigerated containers. However, ingredients such as nuts, chocolate and whole fruits are only added in the bowls when they are poured.

The Käfer 5 litre range is

• without Palm,

• without artificial aromas,

• without flavour enhancers and preservatives,

• without artificial dyes

• without gluten (except for the variety spiced)

• made from strictly selected raw materials.


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